Shadows and Masks, Book 1

Booksellers Best Finalist

Scientist Emmeline Griffith needs a husband fast. The marriage will be in name only…but she didn’t count on her attraction to the virile detective who steps into the role. Investigator Bartholomew Turner thought he had his demons under control. But when his relationship becomes far more enduring, he must confront both his past and the danger that’s stalking Emmie to claim the woman he loves. MORE




The Captain’s Temptress

Winner of the San Diego RWA chapter Spring Into Romance writing contest. Finalist in seven other contests

A sea captain running guns to Cuba to avoid financial ruin is badgered by an attractive reporter into taking her along. Together they embark on a journey fraught with danger and compassion, imprisonment and rescue. When their attraction deepens, they must learn to be true to themselves before they can find true love with each other. MORE