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Simple Pleasures — Coffee with a splash of nature

When I first read romance author Trish Milburn’s post about her effort to gather authors together in a group (Upbeat Authors) to write positive upbeat posts, I hesitated to join. What could I possibly offer that would be inspirational to … Continue reading

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A Rose by any . . . .

What does an historical romance novel and an upcoming super delegation visit to Cuba have in common? The title, To Cuba With Love. Or it did until I changed the book title last year from To Cuba With Love to … Continue reading

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Cuba and The Captain’s Temptress

The President gave me a huge Christmas present by normalizing a relationship with Cuba and bringing that country into the media lime light. My book, The Captain’s Temptress, was originally released under the title of To Cuba With Love. It’s an … Continue reading

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Potato curls and other good stuff

This morning I’m looking at my list of blog subjects for something that strikes my fancy on this gloomy day, and find this one—how to peel a potato in one long curl. Don’t laugh. I put this in my book, … Continue reading

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Is “yellow journalism” dead?

YELLOW JOURNALISM, the scourge of the late 19th century American press, is alive and well in the 21st century, thanks to modern media and 24-hour news coverage. What is “yellow journalism,” you might ask? The Oxford dictionary defines it as … Continue reading

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Mansion yachts: big boy’s toys

BOYS WILL HAVE their toys, and the boys of the Gilded Age were no different. Only, their toys were behemoths, and cost a small fortune. The captains of America’s Industrial Age poured as much money into their toys as they … Continue reading

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Fernandina: A Victorian town

TAKE A WALK in Fernandina on Florida’s Amelia Island, and you’d swear you were back in the 19th century. Located on Florida’s northernmost barrier island fifty miles from the Georgia border, Fernandina at one time was called the “Queen of the … Continue reading

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